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Strategically located hubs at Newmarket and Bicker provide storage in excess of 100,000 pallets. Within sit 15 independently controlled chambers set to customer specific temperature regimes from frozen through to ambient. The diverse range of items stored includes bulk, retail and B2B food products of all categories, along side seasonal non-food lines such as flowers. State of the art warehouse management systems, ensure full traceability and outstanding service levels. Customers benefit from remote live stock visibility and complete system integration. Stocks and order processing are managed by dedicated teams who sit within the operation ensuring all customers have a real time view of their product.


As the core of the warehousing business, Newmarket offers extensive storage capacity.

Ambient and Chill

Dedicated chambers at Newmarket and Bicker provide storage for products ranging from –2 to +10. Each week over 750,000 cases are picked and delivered to all major retailers.