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Our Commitment to Business and the Environment

Turners (Soham) Ltd recognizes that it has an environmental responsibility in all activities to ensure that sustainability and the environment are taken into consideration as it operates its business. Following a company environmental review, the directors are in a position to make the following commitments everywhere that Turners (Soham) Ltd and its associated companies operate.

  • Comply with all current, and ensure preparedness for impending relevant, environmental legislation.
  • The company will set environmental targets and goals designed to improve our environmental performance.
  • Minimise the negative environmental impacts that may arise through our operations.
  • Demonstrate the positive environmental impacts that may arise through our operations.
  • Comply with all Codes of Good Practice and other codes that are relevant to our operations.
  • Maximise the efficient use of utilities and to minimise waste wherever possible.
  • Through coordinating route planning and delivery schedules this company seeks to realize the dual benefits of reduced fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.
  • Give due consideration to the environmental effects of office practices and travel when making purchasing decisions and arranging meetings

We will work with all our employees in order to achieve the points set out above and provide the necessary training and resource to ensure that our commitments are met. We will also require suppliers to follow environmental good practice, and encourage customers to do so. The directors are committed to the implementation of this policy and will give full backing to all those authorised to carry it out.