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Turners operate over 600 tanker vehicles across the UK and Europe, delivering a wide and diverse range of products including milk, fuel, cement, sugar, liquid glucose and food grade powders as well as many others. A significant number of the vehicles are provided in our customers' own livery to provide them with additional marketing and brand recognition. Livery can be tailored exactly to the customer's individual corporate image and logo. The company's operations are broadly split into the following divisions:

The company offers a 'Spot Hire' fleet in each of these divisions, working with a large number of customers to provide ad hoc transport and also as a support for our contract operations in periods of peak demand, enabling provision of the most efficient 'Core Fleet' for each operation.

Turners always aim to work in partnership with all customers to generate mutual benefits and efficiencies over the long term, as well as aiming to exceed customer service level expectations on all deliveries.

With over 25 years of tanker operations experience, Turners are proud to offer a full range of tanker solutions utilising the latest advances in engineering and technology to provide our customers with the most efficient transport service possible. For example, maximising payload and fuel efficiency to contribute to fewer total deliveries and better economy respectively.

The company is environmentally aware and efficiency advancements have allowed us to reduce per unit carbon emission year on year for the past 10 years, an area in which we remain focussed and continue to exceed our own targets.