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Turners PPL was established in 2001 at the Turners distribution hub at Newmarket, which is strategically situated 2 miles from junction 37 of the A14 and is the wholly owned added value service provision business of Turners ( Soham) Ltd.

Turners PPL sits in the middle of Turners end to end supply chain solution, providing a valuable service to importers and regional producers supplying both the UK multiples and wholesalers, offering a comprehensive suite of services to your products . This can range from turning loose, raw products into value added packed, processed and date coded units or simply remedial work when the goods do not meet your end customers’ specifications.

In addition to the packing and storage services that we provide, we also offer live, real time stock management, order processing and full case level traceability from intake through to despatch and onward distribution through our temperature controlled network.

Our BRC AA+ and Sedex approved facility has 5 independently temperature controlled storage rooms with 7,500 spaces.

Since its inception 20 years ago, the facility has handled 2 million cases per annum. It was expanded in 2015 with a new, bespoke packing facility and currently handles in excess of 16 million cases per annum, with a capacity in excess of 24 million cases.

Aside from our depth of industry experience, we have a flexible infrastructure which operates 24/7 and is supported round the clock by our in-house Engineering, Technical, Warehousing and Operational teams.

In terms of machinery we currently have:

  • 12 citrus packing lines, for C2C, wineglass and giro formats
  • 14 loose conveyor lines.
  • 2 Marco grape lines with top sealing capability
  • 2 Trayless flow wrap lines.
  • 2 Tray flow wrap lines
  • 3 ripening /chill chambers

We are continually reviewing and assessing our machinery to ensure it meets our current and future customers’ requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact Turners as your next supply chain partner.


Antony Taylor, Manager 
T +44 (0)1638 720335 
M +44 (0)7748 651221 
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