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King of the road...

Before joining the Turners Driver Development Programme in 2020, James had been a Chef, something he done since leaving school. He found out about the opportunity to train as an LGV driver, with no upfront fees, from a family member and at the tender age of just 19, James embarked upon his journey to become a Turners Trucker.

Now aged 20 and one of Turners youngest drivers, James spends most of the week in his truck, which he keeps as bright and as polished as a new pin. For most of the week, his truck is his home and it’s clear to see how much pride he has in his vehicle. You only need to look around to see that for James, it’s a lifestyle he absolutely loves and that he is relishing his life on the road.

James has always enjoyed travel and now he gets to see new places all over the UK whilst being paid for doing so. Whilst performing the important job of delivering food all across the country, James has the opportunity to take in and experience new places and breath-taking scenery. For him, it certainly beats being stuck in a hot, busy kitchen.

As well as the opportunity to see the country, James finds being a Turners driver a lot less stressful than his previous job in a kitchen. One of the things he really likes about being a driver is the feeling of being independent. This is something which many of our new drivers, who have gone through the Driver Development Programme, comment upon. For James, and many others, there is a joy in being able to plan his job and know that he will be left to his own devices in deciding the best way to achieve his daily mission. James loves the autonomy which the job affords.

When asked why he decided to train through Turners Driving Academy, James explains that the affordability of the programme and the ability to pay back a small, interest-free amount each week though his wages, made this a no-brainer for him. He barely noticed the payments coming out as he found he was earning good money as soon as he had passed his test.

If you were to ask James whether he would recommend the programme to others he would tell you a big yes. And the reasons? It doesn’t take long; the trainers are good and make everything very easy to understand; the repayments are barely noticeable and you can soon be earning good money. All in all, James thinks that gaining his licence through Turners was the best thing he could have done and now he is riding high and enjoying being a worthy ambassador for Turners.