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Living the dream...

A fateful meeting whilst out on a dog walk led Turners driver,  Sandra to be living the dream and working in the best job she has ever had.

It was a day like any other and Sandra was out walking with her beloved greyhound, Suzi, when she bumped into Donna,  a fellow devoted dog owner. The ladies got chatting and Donna happened to ask Sandra, who was new to the area , what her ideal job would be.


For about twenty years Sandra had dreamed of being a truck driver. Inspired by her father, this was a dream Sandra had put on the back burner, unable to afford pursuing this “pipe dream” as she was busy earning money to support her two daughters. 

When Donna asked Sandra this question, she was hesitant to tell Donna of her dream of being behind the wheel of a 44 tonne vehicle.  It was something she didn’t think she would ever be able to achieve, so was totally surprised when she offered up this information to Donna, a petite lady in her early sixties, and Donna told her that she was a lorry driver. Donna told Sandra that Turners, the company that she has worked for since 2013, were offering training to people as part of their Driver Development Programme, a training scheme which helps people go from their car to the CE licence.

After a lot of thought and encouragement from friends and family, Sandra finally attended her assessment with the training team at Turners. With no upfront fees for her to pay and the fact that she was earning whilst learning, this path was a viable option. During her interview and assessment the trainers encouraged her to go for it and make her dream a reality. Plagued by self doubt, Sandra finally gained her provisional licence and was on her way be doing the job she had dreamed of for so long.

Now, driving articulated vehicles all over the country for Turners, Sandra feels the best thing about working for Turners is the sense of being part of a family. She says that people in Turners look after each other and that there is always someone to turn to here. “Turners really kept me going through the Covid lockdown,” says Sandra. “They became my family”.

If you ask Sandra what she would say to anyone considering joining the Driver Development Programme at Turners she would ask “What’s stopping you?!” “With help, you can achieve anything. Live your dream. It is achievable”.