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Substantial investment in renewable energy at Turners Bicker site

As part of Turners commitment to the environment and reducing its energy usage a major investment has been made with the installation of Solar panels on our new Bicker Cold storage warehouse.

The Solar PV array was commissioned on the 22nd November following 4 weeks of installation works by Watt Energy Saver. We have installed over 1,100 panels on the roof using a free-standing mounting system which is weighted down using ballast.

The base frame for the panels is laid out and secured to the roof with ballast.

Panels are connected to the frame and wired together.

The completed panel system.

The panels generate electricity in DC, this it feeds into the energy centre, via a double insulated cable system.

Here the DC is converted to AC using inverters.

The inverter system installed is one of the most technically advanced available which maximises the solar generation. Safeguards are built into the system in case of fire where it then automatically shuts down the generation of electricity.

Output and performance are continually monitored and can be viewed remotely via an app. The system has a capacity of 298.08kWp and can generate in excess of 285,000kWh per year.

 At its peak, the system will generate enough energy to power the entire site

This is equivalent to CO2 savings of 148,000kg per year.