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Turners team up with “Prostate Cancer Research” for UK wide advertising on new trailers

Towards the end of 2021 Turners Temperature Controlled operations, headed by Andrew Scarlett at Newmarket, have teamed up with “Prostate Cancer Research” to help with their fundraising and UK awareness campaigns, by having our latest fridge trailer decaled with the distinctive “Prostate Cancer Research” logo’s and the important health messages provided to help prevent this condition.

Pictured below are: Tim King, Turners Fleet Engineer – Eurydice Dupre, Prostate Cancer Research Andrew Scarlett, Turners Operations Manager – Steven Geen, Turners driver.



A copy of article below, originally published by Eurydice in November, sums up perfectly the commitment given by Andrew at last year’s London Marathon, along with the partnership Turners now have with Prostate Cancer Research for the foreseeable future.

“In March 2021, Andrew joined Prostate Cancer Research’s team of 61 runners for the October London Marathon. After immediately getting started with initiatives like a sweepstake and a coffee morning to reach his £2500 fundraising target, Andrew then came to us a month later with a proposition: Turners Soham Ltd, one of the largest transportation companies in the UK where he worked as an operations manager, was offering us the chance to use one of their new trailers for promotional purposes. As a small but ambitious charity, this was a unique opportunity to increase our exposure nationwide and raise awareness of prostate cancer in a male-oriented space, as currently 99% of UK truck drivers are men.

Designing an ad that could be on the road for the next decade was an exciting challenge unlike any the charity had ever had and it was great to be able to involve the team at Turners in that process by having them vote on their favourite design for the back doors. Thank you to Andrew, Paul Day, Tim King, Steve and everyone at Turners for supporting Prostate Cancer Research and making this collaboration possible”. 

Being part of the Temperature controlled operation will result in the trailer being operated throughout many of Turners depots and travelling throughout the UK. We are extremely proud of this new partnership helping to promote this particular Cancer and the vital work Prostate Cancer Research organisation carries out in this area.

All the usual social media outlets have details of the promotional activities so keep an eye out.